The Balancing Act

Posted: Sep 18 2014

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Are you the mom that stresses about being productive at work, having your home in order, keeping up an exciting and romantic relationship with your spouse and making sure your children’s’ needs are met as well? Yep, welcome to my world and the world of many moms alike. If your anything like me then your probably always thinking about everything you have on your plate and how to accomplish it all but I’m here to tell you that no matter how well you strategize to conquer everything, it’s all for not if you have no balance. Being a full-time working mom can cause feelings of guilt and stress because of divided attention between work and family but having a plan and being organized can help you find the right balance between your profession and parenthood. Below are some tips that may help you get on the right track to having a more balanced life.


  1. Divide and conquer. Work out a “to-do” list with your spouse of kids drop-offs, grocery shopping, meals and changes in the family schedule. Don’t be scared to let your spouse help with this…you don’t have to be in charge of doing everything.
  2. Create a calendar that entails your family priorities, bill due dates, chores, school and family events, extracurricular activities, and birthdays.
  3. Prepare your upcoming week calendar on Sundays with your spouse.
  4. Communicate with your employer a detailed plan that has flexible arrangements for example, being able to work from home should one of your children become ill.
  5. Limit distractions and time wasted by putting time limits on emails and phone calls. Do things when your children are sleeping, spend time with your partner in the evening when the children are settled down, avoid multitasking when spending time with your spouse or children
  6. Make time for your spouse and children during the week and on the weekends for example doing family breakfast on the weekends or movie/game nights during the week is great fun for everyone.
  7. Nurture your relationship with your spouse, schedule date nights regularly, enjoy each other’s company and have talks that are totally unrelated to work or your children.
  8. Make time for yourself. Take bubble baths, read a book, have a spa day and find time for regular exercise or a hobby. Eat well and get rest so you feel relaxed and can be your best you for your spouse, your children and most importantly yourself.

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