Traveling With Children

Posted: Sep 18 2014

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Whether your traveling by plane or making the bold decision to get to your destination by car it’s always good to be prepared when traveling with children.
Traveling with children is an activity in and of itself and should be treated as an opportunity to spend time with your family and socialize.
But in the event that your children have their own agenda and choose not to socialize with their parental units here are some pointers
on making your traveling experience as stress less as possible.

  1. Planning ahead is key; it’s always great to be prepared.
  2. Pack small toys, games, stickers, coloring books, handheld games or iPad’s
  3. Bring snacks and drinks but limit fluid intake especially in the car to avoid frequent potty breaks. Also having bottles for
    boys and small potty seats for toddlers fresh out of pull-ups are saviors.
  4. Music breaks and car games are a great way to help break things up into blocks and helps the time past faster.
  5. Wear comfortable clothing like sweat pants, t-shirts, slippers and socks for cold feet. Packing small blankets and pillows
    are also great as well as having child window shades to block the sun.
  6. Plan surprises for your kids like favor bags with treats and little toys in them.
  7. Plan your route ahead of time and look for interesting places to stop and explore if it’s not too far off your route.
  8. Be flexible and always be ready to expect the unexpected. If your child has a tantrum, don’t become frustrated about
    having to stop what your doing or being thrown off time. Deal with the unexpected and enjoy the ride.

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