Not So Simple Socializing - Navigating Food Issues When You're Out

Posted: Sep 18 2014

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Let’s face it; socializing and food go hand in hand. However, for those of us that suffer from food allergies or intolerances social events can be stressful. Have you ever been all dressed up, hair and makeup in place, ready to go to your social event but nervous there will be nothing you can eat when you get there? Even worse is having a reaction at a social event or heaven forbid a date. For many with food allergies or intolerances this is our reality. I struggled for years with eating “forbidden” goods at social events only to have my body punish me. Below are some hard learned tips I have navigated to make socializing around food less stressful.

  1. Don’t go to a social event without first eating a meal. You are more likely to make poor choices when you’re starving.
  2. Don’t diet before an event.. When super hungry goes out super bad decisions abound.
  3. Call the restaurant or hostess before hand to coordinate a safe meal.
  4. Avoid excessive alcohol; this cannot only lead to poor choices but also overeating.
  5. Relax, if you only get to snack on a couple of safe items you won’t starve in a few hours. Keeping a strong mental perspective is important when you live with restrictions.

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