Gluten Free 101

Posted: Sep 18 2014

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease, a gluten sensitivity/intolerance or choose to be on a gluten free diet as a healthy life style change the transition can be an overwhelming experience. Unless you’re a certified nutritionist or dietician, it’s hard to navigate where to begin. You can easily feel defeated before you even start the gluten free journey. Here are some tips to help make the transition with confidence:
  1. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH!!! The internet is your best friend and there are numerous credible websites out in cyber space that can help you along the way
  2. Consult your doctor before making drastic changes to your diet.
  3. Research local support groups: It’s always good to meet people that can sympathize with what you’re going through and direct you to beneficial resources.
  4. Evaluate what you eat and understand that gluten is not just limited to food as it can also be found in bathroom products or medications/supplements.
  5. Read labels: Just because a product is labeled wheat free doesn’t mean that it is gluten free. There are many additives that contain gluten and not all products labeled “gluten-free” are processed in a dedicated gluten free facility, which poses the risk of cross contamination.
  6. Be picky: It’s always better to say no then to put your body at risk
  7. Always be prepared and have snacks handy at all times when you're on the go and can’t get home right away.

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